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We look at what we are seeing now and thinking it is something America has never seen before. That is not true.

In the segregation era South, if you stood up for minorities you could lose your livelihood. People would stop shopping at your business or using your services, or you could be fired from your job on some pretext. Your neighbors would shun you, insult you on the street, assault you, beat you, and in a few cases kill you. You would be doxxed, not by the internet but by word of mouth. What the left is doing today is merely a high-tech repeat of history.

It is not my purpose in bringing this up to attack 'the right' or draw moral equivalences. It is my purpose to point out that we are not immune to doing the same things the left is doing now. It is not a right or left thing, it is a human nature thing. It is vital we understand the danger of authoritarianism, and that we ourselves are just as susceptible to it as anyone else.

The socio-political pendulum swung far ...

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