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People tend to over-complicate their goals and dreams.

They have the odds stacked against them with limiting beliefs about success, wealth, freedom, and themselves. And that causes them to complicate the journey toward their vision to the point that it seems almost impossible.

However, it doesn’t have to be that way. While it’s never easy to achieve a grand vision for your future, it doesn’t have to be a perpetual struggle either.

In a minute, I’m going to share three steps you can take right now to help you start to simplify success. But before we get to how you can succeed far more quickly and easily, you must do two things.

The first is you must…

Choose wisely

One reason people struggle to succeed is they aren’t pursuing something that truly excites them. Instead, they’re settling for “safe” things, like earning a few extra dollars or getting a nicer car.

To increase your chances of success, create an image of something ― anything ...

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