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btw just so you know:

I'm sick of conservative talking heads, even though I otherwise admire and value them, for blaming the president in advance for losing the election – and why will he supposedly lose? Can you guess it? Yep, right: for sometimes tweeting exactly in the style he has all the times been tweeting when someone on the left is putting out complete BS about Trump and Trump just won't take it.

Victor Davis Hanson has made it perfectly clear, and it shouldn't be that hard to understand: There has never been a situation like now. Blue states are openly supporting lawlessness.
Wait, I guess I have to make this point somewhat clearer, so everybody can get it:


So? Which magic wand is the president supposed to wave to bring the leftist rioters under control and restore law and order nationwide and to stop the violent unrest, which is openly supported not just by the blue states, but by half of congress as ...

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