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The Right needs to quit talking so much to itself, because the [communist] Left is going all-out to dismantle America, Europe, Australia, Canada, & Great Britain.

While we jabber and jaw, they're deconstructing civilisation itself, and their media is variously banning us, hounding us, ridiculing us, and convincing too many people by their Marxist sleight-of-hand, that the Right is dangerous & the Left is the saviour of "rights".

All lies of course, the Left are already removing ALL rights from "white" people & especially from conservatives of any colour/ethnicity/gender/persuasion.

Trump must win in Novenmber, or we can all kiss goodbye to America, and to Liberty itself.

This is not a joke or hyperbole, they are in the process of taking America, they've already taken the EU, & the Scottish National [Socialist] Party.

Don't let them win, or the whole world is screwed..

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