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Joe R.@Joe_R
June 30, 2020

Visit Twitter for 10 minutes, and sometimes you can get the impression that the U.S. has already become Mao's China or Hitler's Germany.

That, or the "Civil War 2" and bloodshed are on the way to your front door.

(HINT: Not even close, but as long as corporate media and Twitter are making you think that, they're having a profit party.)

The "End of America" has been forecast for a century at least. Rome burning is the constant comparison for every one of the last 100 years. Especially once we started freeing slaves in 1865.

Then I go outside, breath in the fresh air, and talk to my next door neighbor about his grass. Twitter is still not real-life.

America may change, hell, there have been clashes in downtown streets for the last five decades. (Some of those don't fit the media's narrative, so they never make national news or Twitter's "day care" ).

There is a long way to go before firing lines and Gulag at your front door.

It may not seem that way sometimes, and ...

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