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Sunday I went down to the main post office and dropped some envelopes into the main collection box. I sent "small" amounts of money to several representatives for my home area. I sent a couple of bucks to a couple national political leaders, including our President.

I had set aside $200 for a budget to help. I used $150 of it. I don't think it will get me a seat at the big table with the adults, but paying attention at the kid's table prepares you for stepping up to adulthood in the future. I am going to be an adult. I'm going to help do the right thing.

It was scary. I felt I would be put on lists that would pester me for money and attention, mostly money, for evermore. But it is time. For me, the idea of doing nothing and waiting for an election to do what's right, was just too little.

I also searched (not on Google) on the terms "my county and state" and "GOP." The information came up immediately for my local division of Republican Party. I contacted them and...

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Just sat down with Kim Klacik about her appearance on The View this morning which is tearing up the Internet right now...

Sunday reflections...

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Today, you can buy human slaves from open slave markets in Libya. The Obama Administration had a lot to do with overthrowing Gaddafi and putting the country into the hands of the crazy people who run it today. Does anyone remember Hillary saying "We came, We saw, He died"?
Joe Biden was part of this. Why, especially when slavery is such a big part of our national conversation right now, is Joe Biden not being asked about this? Why is nobody talking about it?

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