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July 01, 2020

“Is western culture being groomed to accept pedophelia?” I wrote this 6 months ago and have given up trying to get this published (it’s too long, involves too much fact checking, etc). Please read when you have the time. I’ve linked to all my sources. I was ALARMED when I really dug into this topic. There is a push, although small, to add the “P” to LGBT. In the past this was pushed back against by gay people but the addition of the T has changed things. Pedophiles think they can make inroads, as is seen at Drag Queen Story Hours. I even went on pedo chat boards (I don’t recommend doing this!) and they admit that this is their new strategy. “Woke” attention getting parents are a HUGE part of the problem and so is the left’s inability to question anything even when alarms are ringing. This article took a lot of time to research/write and I don’t want to see it go to waste. I had to use a pen name for my own protection since I’m a children’s author. Please ...

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Old girl needs a bath just like rioters need to get a job I'm getting tired of all this i hope people get there crap together soon

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