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Rob @MauiRob
July 03, 2020

I think that it’s easy to forget a very fundamental distinction between far left progressives and the rest of the people we talk to:

  • When you were standing in front of a far left progressive we need to remember that they are not seeing us as an individual at all. We are simply a part of whatever identity group to which we have been assigned, and all of the things that are ascribed to that identity group are now synonymous with who and what we are.

I’ve had the experience too many times of believing that the strength of my argument, the facts I present, and in the case of those who know me, the content of my character would be taken into account and Wade accordingly within the discussion. However that is not what happens: instead, the characteristics of whatever group I have been assigned to are used in ad hominem attacks, or simply used to negate anything I have to say because the group I belong to is considered to be racist, homophobic, trans phobic etc. etc. etc.

I just ...

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I'm so annoying with posts today but this pissed me off. The perfect example of "privilege". This dumbass (almost) got a pass for being blatantly racist. If this was a conservative saying this to the great Candace Owens, they would have been immediately cancelled. No question. And Candace didnt even call for the cancellation of this ignorant dummy!!! Where is BLM??? I'll wait.

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