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This is the man responsible for igniting my interesting in political philosophy. He is, as far as I'm concerned, the last great political public speaker of the 20th century. Nobody since Reagan, has had the capacity to inspire passion for the principles of liberty, and love of country, the way he could.

As you listen to this speech, there are a few things to notice that differentiates it from the current president.

1. Reagan speaks from the principles of good government, always. The preservation of God-given rights; the carefully circumscribed role of political interference in private life; the power of the free market, and the absolutely essential necessity for virtues of character in the citizenry: courage, fortitude, prudence, faith, charity, and above all hope.

2. That last virtue is key to the next difference. Reagan always, always, spoke of America's past not in terms of grievance and anger, but in terms of gratitude and reverence. But, he also spoke of the past ...

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