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Like Dave, I'm typically reticent to direct people to the smoldering chasm of excrement that is Twitter. That said, I think it's worth sharing a thread I did this morning about the infiltration of Far-Left Orthodoxy (FLO) into my Dictionary app's "Word of the Day," which is something I've noticed for a while now.

Bret Weinstein recently lamented "I don't know where this thing isn't" in reference to the woke orthodoxy currently taking over all of our institutions. I think that's a really interesting point, and does a good job of articulating the gravity of our situation, and highlighting the pervasive nature of this ideology. As @DaveRubin, Bret, and others have been saying for a while now, this thing isn't just on college campuses, was never going to be confined there, and only the blind or massively naive would believe such a thing.

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