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This is fabulous Mayor Giuliani talking with the NY area jewish practitioner who has developed his own "cocktail" of Hydroxychloroquine, Zinc and the antibiotic.
If given appropriately early, within 5 days of symptoms, he can practically guarantee that a person will not need to go into a hospital.
From over 2000 patients in his office just 2 unfortunately didn't make it. [This is not 1 out of 1000 infected. This is just 1 out of 1000 infected AND severely symptomatic, so the overall mortality is ridiculously low. Even if each single life matters, of course.]

(The Zinc actually de-activates the virus, the Hydroxy gets the Zinc to the virus through the cell membrane and the antibiotic just makes sure there will be no opportunistic pneumonia. Forgive my layman's description of medical detail.)

From this follows:

  • We can indeed open up and regain our normal lives.
  • Because those who might be susceptible to graver illness ...
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