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On July 4th, Chicago's 'face of the city' Mayor Lori Lightfoot posted a tweet that read:
"...a 7-year-old girl in Austin joined a list of teenagers and children whose hopes and dreams were ended by the barrel of a gun,"
It is MY BELIEF that the 7 yr. old's Hopes & Dreams were ended -
BY A CRIMINAL with a gun !
Unless & Until the passive-acceptance of CRIMINAL VIOLENCE is admitted to by the Looney-Left young people will continue to die senselessly in every major city under ruled by Democrats.
Once again, a Progressive Leftist tries to place blame on the gun...this time the actual "BARREL" of the gun.
Lori Lightweight should go have her hair done for the press conference to announce she is "RESIGNING TO BEGIN A SEARCH FOR A CLUE" !

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