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Concerning the Mount Rushmore event, just some side notes:

Has anyone noticed the singer who did the National Anthem was fairly challenged to actually meet the notes she was supposed to sing by?
Well, let's just say she had a bad monitoring system to her avail and some tone-engineer is to be blamed.

But now really in earnest: I made the mistake to stream the account put on the YT by the Fox guys. What a GIANT SHAME.
Apparently they had just 1 camera available or what was that about?
They did not show the respective speakers, the military people, the crowds, the flyovers.
Sympathetic though most of us may be to Fox for their good people from Laura and Sean to Tucker, and more of them:
That was plain embarrassing AMATEUR stuff.
An idiot with a point-and-shoot camera could have done better.
That was yesterday evening (in Germany, around midday with you guys.)
Now, one day later, those Fox guys have apparently gone as far as to cut the thing down just to his speech, without ...

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