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July 06, 2020

When memetic warfare turns bloody.

(Another rambling thread of consciousness that didn't have a point until the very end.)

At this point I assume most are familiar with memetics, with sticky memes, attack memes, and defender memes. As things turn bloody, as ideologues consumed by the memes of their tribe do violence, am worried the only way to solve this is with more violence.

Attack memes are meant to undermine the memes of other tribes. Basically, they attract the inactivate people in the center. Defender memes are what escalate things and protect a tribes ideological position from those attack memes - they are what influence that part of of us that is bull headed and reactionary.

Nowhere in this meme warfare is there a de-escalator. At least if there is, it isn't sticky.

This got me thinking about what makes a meme sticky. The obvious traits of funny, cute, bite size, etc all apply but also they always at least hint at something that resonates with us. A shallow ...

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