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The importance of ICE's interpretation of student visa rules cannot be overestimated. Marxist universities rely heavily on foreign student tuition for their funding. These universities, led by Harvard, are switching to 100% online courses, but they are not reducing their hideously expensive tuition. How many foreign parents are going to be willing to spend that much for an online degree for their kids, especially after they were just kicked out of the country?

In one stroke ICE is deporting tens of thousands of Chinese students, many of which are spying for the ChiCom government, and at the same time crushing leftist higher learning indoctrination centers. There were already huge changes underway in our universities due to the pandemic, but this puts it into overdrive.

I have long said that leftist academia is the wellspring of the poison that is killing western civilization. Not only do they create legions of leftist students, they train neoMarxist operatives as politicians, ...

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