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One central characteristic of the woke lunacy is that they, as the further left always have, identify themselves as being superior to the common people.

Why is that? Or on what grounds do they believe that?
I guess there might be four main fundamental notions in support of that (mis)conception:

  • Formal education (college degree and more)
  • Being an intellectual, as verified by choice of subject / profession
  • Being part of an "Avantgarde"
  • Acting on the moral high ground

Now what is to be said about those notions?

Let us assume for a moment that a higher formal degree of education does indeed justify the presumption the person is smarter / more intelligent / more knowledgable.
(Of course, we should doubt that idea, as we know that much of that "education" is really just indoctrination, which makes people lose common sense and wisdom that they might have inherited from their family surrounding.)
Still people are equal under the law, have identical individual rights, ...

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Did anyone else watch Mandalorian last night? I haven’t been loving the series but last night went a long way in fixing so many of the broken parts of the Star Wars world.

Plus very cool to take Ahsoka from the animation world and make her a live action character...

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Let me check – oh yes, November is almost through.
Well, I guess then this might very well be the last load of sunny autumn pictures this time around. Fresh from my afternoon walk. Which was almost a bit chilly, but obviously nice.

My 13 yo drew this for her great-grandparents in Idaho. Happy Saturday All!!

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