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Let me set the scene ...

I'm up on the upper floor of my two family helping my daughter get the grand-babies ready to go to their Dad's Mom's house. He's at work.

While we're playing, Paw Patrol is on. I find myself watching two episodes.

In one, the Patrol has to save a parrot from death in the jungle. You see, the parrot is lost in the jungle and it's “friend” not “owner” has fear for its safety.

Turns out there is another bird diving at and trying to “get” the parrot and its little new baby chick. This bad, bad bird is the evil one the patrol has to defend against.

In two, the Patrol has to relocate a bee hive from the top of a lighthouse to a farm. Again, the evil bird returns to dive at and try to catch the Patrol's flying machines and the bee hive. I have no idea why a bird would want to do that, but this evil bird was.

This bad bird chases and tries to catch anything the good members of the Paw Patrol drive, fly, or try to help.

The reason I'm writing this and upset about it is the bad bad bird.

The bird is an eagle.

That's right, the symbol of our United States of America.

The eagle is bad.

Out of all the birds or evil things they could have picked, it had to be an eagle.

Only thing better would have been to have George Washington swatting bees with his electronic fly swatter while dining on roasted pet parrot.

I talked to my 2 and ¾ year old granddaughter about how, just like the Three Stooges, the eagle isn't bad. It's just a movie. Eagles eat fish and don't bother helicopters or firefighting dogs. The Stooges don't really poke eyes.

Am I nuts, or is the assault on America from every direction?

Our Eagle? Common …

9:35 Eagle Attacks !!

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