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There is no 'left' in the US congress. Only Communists are left wing. This includes literal Anarchists and literal Marxists, not people who given those labels as insults. Communism can be summarised in a single sentence - the abolition of private property/capital i.e. the means of production - factories, farms etc. Communism is about the collectivisation of all capital for the utilisation of all people. The Democrats are not Communists. They are not on the left.

If you think the Democrats are actually Communists, if you think there is a single Democrat who is a literal Communist, you really need to educate yourself about different political ideologies. No Democrat wants to collectivise all the capital in a given state. Democrats are not our allies, they are as much our enemies as Republicans. They serve the interests of the ruling class, same as the Republicans, not the working class - ...

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September 16, 2020

Every time I take off my mask upon walking out of a store...

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Today’s Direct Message is all Q&A exclusively with questions from The Rubin Report community. Ask me anything about politics, current events, movies, music, or whatever else is on your mind. I’ll be caffeinated and ready to roll. Respond with your questions in the comment section right here!

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