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There are very few things we know as a fact about this pandemic.

  • The experts have been wrong about just about everything.

  • The data is crap.

  • The tests are unreliable.

  • The many studies are yielding conflicting results.

  • The first wave of COVID-19 has not been as deadly as feared.

  • The virus is deadly for those over 70, especially if they have a preexisting condition.

  • The virus is far less deadly to everyone else (so far).

  • We do not know for certain exactly how effective any of the treatments are.

  • The whole pandemic mess has been hyper-politicized by everyone involved on all sides and exploited by government officials.

  • The shutdown has put nearly half the nation out of work and destroyed countless small businesses.

  • We have no good solutions.

After all these months there are still huge unknowns. The worst one is the possibility that the virus will mutate into a more deadly strain that kills younger people, as happened in the 1918 ...

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