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The democrats got caught in the bieggest political scandal of all time and Roger Stone and Paul Manafort are the only ones that have received any jail time....... Does AG Barr understand Replicans believe in the second amendment the way it was written and if no one is punished for trying to send an innocent 3 star general to jail your going to have to come up with a new name for the Silent Majority. At some point republicans are going to reach their breaking point and i would hate to see the people who own all the guns feel their government is corrupt beyond repair and they wouldn't be wrong.....Barr is lucky it hasn't already happen when he let Jeffery Epstein die without reasonable explanationation and he should know it will all be his fault when its does happen in the near future if he decides the elite are more important than the people...... I've always thought it was weird Trump hired the someone from the Establishment to clean up the Establishment in the first place and were ...

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Fine work by The Babylon Bee...

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September 21, 2020

The Rubin Report is hiring! We are looking for an editor with experience in live video production.

We will not be hiring based on skin color, gender or sexuality. Sorry progressives.

I’d love to hire someone from the community. We’ve hired several of you for Locals!

Email jobs @ rubinreport . com

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“Toy” pic time!

My Panzer Pro AR-12 shotty arrived today. So stoked.

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