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This is an interesting article about how CJ Roberts is “handling” SCOTUS. It gives him far more credit than I would have before reading this. It’s “opinion,” but seems very reasoned and rational to me, and takes into account the behind the scenes maneuvering that takes place. It’s very important who gets to write the majority opinion in a given case. So important in fact, that Roberts may occasionally vote the “wrong” way in a case, just to control who writes the opinion, thereby giving himself the ability to minimize the impact of the opinion. Not sure this is true...but the cases and the facts fit this narrative.

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Fine work by The Babylon Bee...

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This is my nephew Ralph. He is two years old. When I think of all the havoc Critical Theory has wrought on our society, I picture Ryan, Austin, Tyler, Adney, Henry, Clarence, Dean, Harvey and little Ralph. All of my nephews are growing up in a two parent, Christian household. They ALL are a shade of blond hair and blue eyes. None are completely innocent; they all have a rebellious streak. BUT... in the eyes of the world now, they are a poison to society. A blemish. Born of privilege, and class. A rank above others. And they have to pay. They are why I try to fight for reason. Ralph is one of the sweetest two year olds ever. And I’m praying God will provide for him a country of opportunity.

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