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The underlying cause of this crisis is the lack of resources and opportunity for the masses of the people. Although I don't deny that ideas, even bad ones, need to be engaged with on their own merits, if we don't address the growing poverty and despair, the unrest will return, under one banner or another. The piece below mentions five top investors -- Warren Buffet, Ben Bernake, Jamie Dimon, Carl Icahn, and John Paulson -- who benefited from the crash of 2008. The only way forward is to hold those responsible to account, and create a more just and reasonable access to resources and opportunity for ALL (regardless of race, gender, etc.). Otherwise, any solution to the current crisis will be illusory at best.

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57 seconds ago

Breaking: Several Republican Congressmen found hiding out in Africa.....

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Went to an illegal backyard dinner last night. Illegal fun (including tequila) was had by consenting adults. Please don’t report us.

No live show today as I wanted to give my guys a four day weekend with MLK Day on Monday.

Anyone got good weekend plans?

January 14, 2021

This might be the greatest correction of all time.

Good work there, CNN...

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