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@ElizaBleu Someone shared this with me. I thought this might interest you and anyone else in the community.

CIA and Elites Torture Children and Drink Their Adrenalized Blood.

A friend of mine shared this with me..... I saw the ACTUAL VIDEO OF KILLARY AND HUMA ABEDIN slicing and filleting a baby's face in a satanic sex ritual and putting that child's skin on their own faces to make the child scream and scream in pain and terror. It was the most horrific thing I've ever watched and those two ugly naked women were forcing that child's adrenaline level through the roof before they sliced her neck and bled her out. I will NOT hide this information any longer. Someone I know linked me to it as it was on the Dark Web.. There were people in Satanic robes milling all around and they partook in the blood letting, blood drinking and cannabalism.... I was haunted for months after seeing it. It was expunged from the internet and the Dark Web but it pops up ...

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Fine work by The Babylon Bee...

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September 21, 2020

The Rubin Report is hiring! We are looking for an editor with experience in live video production.

We will not be hiring based on skin color, gender or sexuality. Sorry progressives.

I’d love to hire someone from the community. We’ve hired several of you for Locals!

Email jobs @ rubinreport . com

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Some kids in the city I used to live in did this to thank the police officers in town. Great idea.🇨🇦

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