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I spent most of my day down in Philly today (Kensington, to be specific). I don't know what you've heard about the drug problems in Philadelphia, but I'll guarantee it's at least as bad as you've heard. We were working with Rock Ministries down there handing out food, talking with people, praying with people, telling them about resources that can help them. Any efforts to help feel futile, but if nobody does anything, nothing changes. Gotta focus on making small impacts where you can, hope they snowball into larger ones, and hope more people will join in to make more small impacts. Swipe to see all pics.

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15 hours ago

People often ask me why I never tweet before having coffee. This Golden Girls clip sums it up quite well...

Did an interview with Billboard on big tech, the future of podcasting and more...

About to go into Costco. See if I can trigger a few lefties.

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