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Fellow freedom friends,
a little Sunday morning thought:

The left has for years by now taught us being careful about every word we speak, because, bro, "micro aggressions".

On the other hand we quite probably all agree that RIOTS and LOOTING and ARSON are rather to be considered MACRO aggressions, leave alone outright murder.

So HOW evil must the oppressing tribes be and HOW oppressed and righteously out for revenge must the "victims" be, if

  • in one direction even a wrong word is considered almost lethally violent,
  • while in the other direction EVERY kind of violence is the least they are entitled to?

And no, I don't expect anyone to solve this riddle and turn it into logical reasoning. Just like I don't expect good arguments saying apples flow up into the sky the moment you loosen your grip. Though this "gravitation" concept has been brought up by that despicable white man, Isaac Newton, a bigoted racist for sure.

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Happy Thursday Rubin Report Friends and Refugees! We could sure use the wisdom of MLK these days. Prayers for so many cities suffering under violence and fear.

21 hours ago

“There’s nothing to see here, please disperse...”

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