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I’m the youngest of the novelist, Herman Wouk (Caine Mutiny, Winds of War, War and Remembrance.)

I’m a graduate of Columbia Law school in NYC and have produced film, TV and theater for years in Hollywood and in Israel. I am now a writer and have published two books, Scuds, Duds & Tyre and Google LDN ! Born in NYC, I moved to Israel after graduating law school and volunteered to go into the Israeli navy where I fought on a patrol boat during the first Lebanon war and the first Gulf War. I currently reside in Eilat, on the Red Sea.

For the last yeas I have edited a site about the Iran / Israel conflict. http://warsclerotic.

My first book

Scuds, Duds & Tyre
A memoir of Middle East Madness

Joseph Wouk, an ex-immigrant to Israel, now a Hollywood television producer, is initially elated over the commencement of the first Gulf War, Desert Storm. But when Saddam’s missiles target Tel-Aviv he is overcome with guilt and horror. The sense of impotence, sitting in Los Angeles watching CNN report chemical warheads in Ramat Gan, is more than he can bear.

Abandoning his wife and child, as well as a television film in development, he flies into the war zone to rejoin his unit in the Israeli Navy. The only problem is, he’s been kicked out of the Navy reserves for having failed to report for duty in six years. They don’t need or want him back either. But Wouk is determined to “help”… Even if it means turning the whole I.D.F. Navy inside-out.

Scuds, Duds, & Tyre is a hilarious ant torturous new-journalistic account of Wouk’s return to the Israeli Navy during the Gulf War. The experience prompts reminiscences of his former life in the country – From his first sexual encounter, to the carnage of the first Lebanon War.

Breathlessly paced, the narrative sweeps the reader along through the insanity of war and Wouk’s own twisted, guilt-ridden quest for self respect.

In a style reminiscent of Hunter S. Thompson and with themes reminiscent of his father, Herman Wouk, the book is original, insightful, and outrageous.
Most of all, it’s a great read.

My second book
Google LDN ! Diagnosed with Progressive Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis, Joseph Wouk refuses to accept the doctor’s opinion that there is nothing more to be done for his medical condition. He plans to go to the Amazon to try to cure himself with a Shaman’s ayahuasca ceremony. Told with humor and honesty, Wouk pulls the reader through his thought processes as he watches his mind dissolve from the subcortical dementia caused by his particular variety of MS. Right before he is scheduled to leave for Peru, all his MS symptoms suddenly disappear from his taking LDN. Google LDN ! Is Wouk’s attempt at Dana Paramita, the Buddhist version of Christian “good works”.

You’ll laugh and cry through the first part of the book and be inspired by the second part.

A man who refuses to give up in the face of insurmountable odds ends up completely healed despite the hopelessness that western medicine tells him he faces
Interested? Want to learn more about the community?
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A big welcome to all the new folks who joined the community today! (And yes I’ll be signing those cards and mailing them out to you ASAP!)

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