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@SrsTwist, @cscooper @davidjanet and everyone who would like to try this....

I decided to cook the recipe today so here are the pics in progress. The 1st picture is the beginning of it cooking (I am using leftover bacon rendering to cook in rather than butter or oil. 1st and 2nd pic is cooking in the broth and the flour will mix in with broth to become gravy. Also adding sliced onion. I will post a finished pic in a few hours after its oine do e summering. I am headed to the pool. Now. Here is some recipe info;

It is called German Rouladan
Here are a few different versions. (I like how the cook is so informative in this recipe!!)

I was taught to do an egg wash and flour and then fry The rolled meat in the pan. Then add the meat to the beef broth/gravy. I used tooth pics instead of twine if I didnt have twine available. I don't add carrots and celery to the ...

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