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Hate to break it to everyone- we're all Nazis. Hitler was a dog owner, so all dog owners are Nazis. The Nazis drank water, so anyone who drinks water is a Nazi. Most Nazis had hair, so anyone who has hair is a Nazi. Some Nazis were bald, so anyone who is bald is a Nazi. The Nazis liked to laugh, so anyone who likes to laugh is a Nazi.

Also, the Nazis had an Eagle as a mascot. So does America. That means all of America is obviously Nazi.

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My neighbor of almost 19 years and I were talking last night and somehow we got to talking about the craziness that might happen after the election. She said, "You're voting Trump, right?" We never talk national politics. I said yes and she said she is too. She said she was raised Democrat and has always voted that way, but after she saw the way the Dems acted this summer with the police and riots she switched parties and is now a registered Republican and voting Trump.

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