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@DaveRubin Are there any plans in the works to get Shelby Steele on the show?

He seems like precisely the right fit for right now. A former sixties radical leftist, Steele made a very similar transition in the late eighties that I see happening this decade with folks like you and John McWhorter.

Steele is remarkably insightful, and has an absolutely fascinating theory encapsulated in the term "dissociation", for everything we see happening today, that goes back to at least 2006.

If you haven't checked out his books "White Guilt" and more recent, "Shame", I highly recommend them. They're relatively short (less than 200 pages), highly narrative, and yet, they're packed with theoretical insight stitched in with personal experience that makes it all the more visceral.

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Dave will be LIVE in a few!

I start the day with coffee, Clyde does his morning meditation. What do you do?

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Anyone got a good recipe or idea for dinner tonight? We are officially through the leftovers and @davidjanet is heading out to the store soon. What’s on your plate this evening?

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