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Here is a challenge to all of you. Watch the full 25 minute Biden speech. I dare say, that what you will find is nothing at all like the lunatic funhouse clown mirror depictions of it, spoon-fed in 4-second snippets, all over the internet.

Biden was lucid, he was passionate, and he was systematic. He's exactly what you would expect, in an elder statesman running for president. Except for the gaff with the rain, there was nothing about this to indicate he was "losing it" or getting "alzheimer's" or anything else like that. It's clear he doesn't have the edge he had in 2008. But that was 12 years ago.

Now, what I WILL say, is that Biden is leftover chicken. His speech was roughly 35 years past the sell-by date. It was a bog-standard, lower-middle class Union Democrat(tm), tax-the-rich, promise-big-programs, appeal to the kitchen table, throw a bone to the teachers speech. Of course, he also had to staple on a few appeals to race and class at the end to appease the party hierarchy,...

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