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I'm going to pretend Gavin is not a politician who banged his campaign mangers wife and believe what he said about the Kung Foo Flu being dangerous which is why i can't understand why he didn't close down protest where people are not 6 feet apart..... either Gavin hates the people associated with BLM movement or he hates everyone else because what other reason would he have to ruin CA economy. How can we stop this madness around the country because posting about it isn't doing anything yet?

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October 17, 2020
Trump Rally in Beverly Hills

Exclusive for the community...

Live on Fox and Friends in a few minutes

Don’t worry, I have my notes...

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12 hours ago
Just set my alarm

For a 4:15 am hit on Fox and Friends. We are being told Trump will be on right after me. Stay tuned!

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