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All morning long, I have been trying to engage in some simple commentary on this video, and my comments are being constantly deleted, for inexplicable reasons. So, I will post them here instead.

  1. Why is Shelby Steele never included in discussions of this nature? The phenomena described by Brett at 30:00 and again by John Wood, Jr. at 59:00 can be insightfully explained by the theories offered by Steele in his books "White Guilt" and more recently, "Shame"

  2. Around 1:05:00, Brett is describing a problem of hoarded opportunities (as though "opportunity" was some sort of tangible good that could be hoarded). He claims that there is an artificial scarcity of "opportunity", and that this artificial scarcity is what is producing the unrest. I tried to say that studies from field biology (particularly in primates) has shown that artificial abundance can have a similar effect on the escalation of violence. The example I had in mind, was a famous one from the eighties, in which ...

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People often ask me why I never tweet before having coffee. This Golden Girls clip sums it up quite well...

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I saw that the President was met with a chant of "honor her wish" when he visited RGB. I happen to hope that he honors the dying wishes of all of those who gave their lives for our country, not for a judge who stayed on the bench until the day that she died so that she would not be replaced with someone she did not like.
There has been exactly ZERO instances of a president not nominating a justice during an election year. ZERO. We can discuss if it is wise for the Senate to take up the issue of confirmation, but the Constitution says that the President SHALL make the nomination.

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