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July 15, 2020

Take a look at the five states with the most COVID cases:

  • Two of these states have 48,000 COVID deaths.
  • Two others, with 50 million in combined population, have 7,500 deaths.

Can you guess which two the media love?
Or which two have Republican governors?

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@TheRubinReport My daughter, who is a millennial, was participating in the BLM protests. I suggested that she start watching you. She did. She is now no longer participating in BLM protests and every day she asks me, "Did you watch the latest Rubin Report?" I just want to say again, thank you for all that you and your team are doing. I know you have suffered a lot Dave, but every person you help see the 'light,' I hope, lessens the pain and makes you stronger.

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September 29, 2020

A socialist is about to wake up. We should have some sort of tracker for this kind of thing...

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