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This has got to be by far the most politicized pandemic in American history. Even whether or not you wear a mask or get vaccinated has become largely divided down partisan lines, with hate-fueled over the top rhetoric and ass-brained conspiracy theories spewing forth from both sides. Fuel is added to the bonfire by crap data, lies from authorities & the media and a huge number of unknowns even this many months into this. Science has failed us, the experts have failed us, our leaders have failed us, and we have gone completely off the deep end. This whole thing has been a massive object lesson on how utterly retarded, superstitious and tribal human society still is. How we managed to survive this long without destroying ourselves is a mystery for the ages.

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Dave will be LIVE at 11am PT | 2pm ET discussing a debate clip you won't see on the news of Chris Wallace asking Donald Trump to denounce white 2016, and more!

Twitter has been down (at least for me) for about 20 minutes. I feel like a free man. What’s on your mind, peeps? Will respond in comment section...

5 am wake up for Fox and Friends in a few minutes. Clyde ready...for what I’m not sure...

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