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Okay Folks...who is up for 'Replacing' the U.S. National Anthem with that immortal 1972 hit "Lean On Me" by Bill Withers
Wait a minute !
"You've Got A Friend" by James Taylor has been thrown into the mix by John Kerry!
(1st one REAL...2nd one Fake News For Now)

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Dave is LIVE in 5!

It is naive to think there is never a time when force will be required or when legitimate power has to exert itself. Parents sometimes have to use their authority in order to civilize and mentor unruly children. Bosses occasionally have to fire people who are working against the company’s policies and best interests.

Generally speaking, however, the power of human kindness is a superior form of power to brute force. An attempt to lead by persuasion should always go before the last-ditch requirement of confrontation and pulling rank.

Gail Halvorsen was taught these ideas about kindness, service to others, and the like back in Sunday School as a boy. Now a retired colonel of the U.S. Air Force, he never tires of telling about a situation where putting his convictions to work helped change the course of history. It helped turn an enemy into an ally.

Halvorsen was a pilot in Europe during and after World War II. In post-war Germany, he was on the ground in Berlin. Some of...

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Just walked through the entire mall without a mask. Yessssss.

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