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Good morning all.. What I'm about to write is quite relevant to what @DevinNolan posted yesterday. This past week, my boyfriend, who is a blogger and has a social media following of about 30,000 made our relationship "public." I've never had such horrible things said about me or him. I should say the reason we didn't make it public, even though we've been dating on and off for three years is because he hasn't been able to meet my family. (Long story). The reason we are getting the hate? He's black and I'm white. As I'm sure you can guess, we are getting the hate from other black people, the rhetoric sounding a lot like what a white supremacist would say. I won't lie, it's tough. But as I write this, my best solution is to pray for those people. They live in malice, hating and being hated. And that's a horrible way to live. (P.S. I was told I looked like an "inbred." To be honest, that's kind of fair. You can see my tongue coming through my teeth. Haha!).

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Interested? Want to learn more about the community?
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Just walked through the entire mall without a mask. Yessssss.

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