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This was nice to see. I'm sharing good news because we all need some good news rn:
A good, succinct review of my new book in Publisher's Weekly:
"Following the deaths, by murder and childbirth, of her parents in 14th-century England, Edyth le Sherman’s brother arranges for the 16-year-old synesthete to become a working resident at a Yorkshire priory. Artistic Edie is reluctant to leave the familiarity of her small hometown, especially Mason, a stonemason’s son with whom she shares a flirtation. Under the stern, watchful eye of Sub-Prioress Agnes de Guile, though, Edie finds joy in a new friendship and in her duties preparing pigments in the scriptorium. She also struggles to conceal two secrets: her renewed relationship with Mason, who arrives to rebuild a chapel, and her synesthesia, which causes her to associate colors with other senses and fall into a trance while grinding lapis lazuli. One day, during prayer, Edie notices a ...

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56 minutes ago

Fine work by The Babylon Bee...

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Our trump signs—Betsy Ross flags and a pickem up truck

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