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„A second coronavirus death surge is coming“, thus the title of an article from the „Atlantic“ Health Dep., from July 15. Another example of how MSM are manipulating the public into panic and against the president, of course.

It’s somewhat disguised though by the fact that they have one central point right: Over the last weeks, a lot of people have commented on the growing “case numbers” for the China virus by pointing to the lingering death toll numbers: “See, more cases are not really that bad, as long as people don’t die.”

The article rightly points out that there is a rather big time lag between the reporting first of cases, second hospitalizations and third deaths. (Amounting to something like 20 days) Therefore, the significant rise in case numbers in the sunbelt states, Florida being the biggest example, should indeed not be shrugged away. (But then, who really does?)

The problem with this article is: Upon this valid point they heap ever more willful...

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September 16, 2020

Every time I take off my mask upon walking out of a store...

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