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The president was just GREAT. Again.
I watched yesterdays WH press event, and Donald Trump proved himself a master of framing, dramaturgy, agenda setting and argument.

  • He really grilled them, the lame stream media before him.
  • Or, in YT clip title speak: He DESTROYED them.
  • The NYT got a special treatment, well deserved.
  • A moronic, screaming "journalist" woman got a fair bit of education for her disrespectful intrusive misbehavior.
  • The mail-in-ballot scam and the silly opposition of the Democrats against everything that might help make the election trustworthy got completely exposed.
  • Sleepy Joe's need for performance enhancing drugs was dealt with.
  • All the obvious corruption going on with Hunter was nicely detailed.
  • Possibly the single most elucidating point was the NYT railing against ACB's catholicism, the latter supposedly preventing a justice from proper adherence to the country and its constitution. (The NYT seems to have ...
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