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Just in case you still need arguments supporting 4 more years: here they are, on a silver platter.
What you can see here on full display is a really strange thing:
A president who gets things done, and plenty of them.
A president who has firm principles, defends the country and fights for the common people, against bureaucracy and the DC swamp.
How outstanding is that, just these two points, which are in my estimation beyond reasonable doubt?
Meaning even if the left were not as crazy as they are, and dangerous, there's good causes to go for with this candidate.
Meaning this is not just "the lesser evil", or the sole force able to stop the marxist takeover.
This is a legitimately positive offer all on its own merits. This is promises being delivered on, and then even vastly more. This is a program of hope and vision, based on the American Dream.

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