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Call me a nut but, I’m thinking of starting a new school. Our schools here in Florida ( Don’t know about the rest of the country) are going to require all students to wear masks and there will be plexiglass dividers between them and they will be required to use hand sanitizer every time they enter the class when entering the cafeteria then when getting on the bus all children will have to be six feet apart on buses. They will be screened for temperature when getting on bus and when arriving at school and the list goes on and on and on, and they will have to wear a mask all day long and they will be sent home after the third warning, three strikes your out This will not work for my kindergarten and first grader My wife and can’t afford to not work and how can they learn to pronounce words correctly if they can’t see the teachers mouth moving i mean that’s a big thing in ...

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Saturday soundproofing...

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❤ Have a beautiful Sunday. ❤

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