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July 18, 2020

My first Amazon book review (5 Stars):

Rubin has 'Leveled-up' Civil Discourse
Reviewed in the United States on July 4, 2020
I enjoy audio books that are read by the author. I like hearing, in the author's own voice, what they choose to stress and emphasize. But it can come at a great risk of getting stuck with several dull hours of listening. Rubin is a professional comic with thousands of hours of experience speaking in public and on his podcast. So, we get the best of both worlds in his audio book.

Now, to the hear of the matter. I feel that Dave Rubin and the entire Rubin Report Team, most notably including Dave’s husband, David Janet, have helped take civil discourse to an exciting, provocative and hope filled new level. The rules of the game have changed. Eric Weinstein described his experiences with the Rubin Report as “spectacularly non-egoic”. This new, or most likely re-newed, gold standard of civil discourse redefines “winning an argument”. In ...

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