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So, it's good to get more than one viewpoint, otherwise we become trapped in our own bubble of cognitive dissonance. It's not good to only be exposed to opinions and narrative that only confirms your own biases.

So, for the last 7 days I have been watching CNN; MSNBC; ABC et al....Chuck Todd; Brian Stelter; Rachel Maddow; Velshi; Morning Joe;

Looking at BLM output....websites; feeds; facebook pages

Looking at Democratic Party pages and websites

(and remember I'm British!)


At best all of this 'reporting' is like a poorly scripted Monty Python skit and at worst it is like listening to people who are actually mentally ill or substance abusing.

It's one thing to have a different opionion......but these people can change their position on something mid-sentence, and one "source" can basically contradict the other on the same day; depending almost exclusively on President Trump's position on an issue.

Does anyone actually ...

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