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A friend sent me an article (see below). I sent this response:
Good, but with a major, perhaps fatal flaw: it grossly understates the scale of the problem. The descendants of slaves constitute a relatively small (though not-insignificant) percentage of the people being marginalized today. Given their numbers, and their educational attainment when one includes the hopelessly-indebted college graduates, low-income people have a real opportunity to press hard for fundamental change -- especially since the precarious nature of their place in the current order is finally starting to dawn on so many middle-income people as well. But real progressive change will never happen -- can never happen -- if we let rent-seekers, and crazed ideologues pit us against each another. We, the 99.9%, are in a storm: we need all hands on deck.

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My son got me into CSGO so we got shirts of our favorite teams to watch during matches. He actually asked to take a pic with me. I guess I am not a total dork. 😂

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11 hours ago

I’m guessing that none of you (wisely) watched the Emmys. We didn’t either but this clip is probably more than enough to catch you up. Beyond imagination...

Apologies for sending you to twitter for this one...

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