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It takes quite a bit for me to even consider making a meme...introducing, quite a bit

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Dave will be LIVE in a few!

Here's the latest poor, pitiful victim of racist police. Frankly, I'd classify him as a Darwin Award winner, tell his mama she screwed up raising her kid and tell his babymamma to stop banging losers.

Question: How much DOJ corruption among the TOP 20,000 in Washington DC?

The "Department of Justice" has something like 113,000 employees.

If you were to destoy an Email Server, you could easily be charged with Obstruction of Justice. However, if you were a senior official at DOJ, your co-workers (executive level) might spend six months debating what's REALLY required by the law, and then you retire early and collect Full Pension Benefits. Afterwards, Senior Officials at DOJ explain that "mistakes were made, and we should move on."

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