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Folks, am I the only one who starts asking himself if this is just a bad movie, with really bad actors putting on a shameful scam of a performance?
It's not like I'm watching e.g. CNN, except for the snippets included by the good people of the Daily Wire.
And then I see the Pelosi person, who looks like any moment now her face gets torn apart from inside and some Alien finally starts screaming and wildly exploding into all directions, just like a medieval demon; btw she tells us she is the second in line to rule the country, should the president by some reason vanish into thin air; also Donald Trump cannot in fact hide in the WH when he loses in November, of which Pelosi or the demon in her is absolutely sure of.
Or I see the Oregon governing person who–after almost two straight months of radical pseudo political thugs devastating everything within their reach while seeking protection by being guarded by other thugs ...

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