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Honestly folks, I am very concerned by the elections coming up in November.

Looking at coverage, polls and even sources like Fox and other Conservative outlets and sites; they are talking as if the Democrats have the House; the Senate and probably the Presidency all but won.

Phrases like: "If the Democrats win the Senate, and it looks very likely they will; thy will immediately remove the fillibuster"

"Biden needs only to win 1 or 2 key states to be certain of victory......But Trump has to hold everything he won in 2016. plus flip (Virginia/Minnesota/Michigan.....)"

It's obvious to any sane observer that the United States is finished if this happens. The Democrats will fundamentally gerrymander the electoral system of the country so that they can never be removed from office and will blatantly change and use the law to silence any critique of them or their policies.

This will be disastrous, not only for the U.S but across the world as the globalists, elitists and ...

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