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"One of the more interesting things about the Civil War is the primary evidence, from Union accounts, that show black men serving as sharpshooters for the Confederacy. Unfortunately today you have men such as Kevin M. Levin, among others, who ignore or gloss over these accounts. In a 2015 article[1] by Ernie Suggs, of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, states 'Boston-based historian Kevin Levin said he has been working on his upcoming book, Searching for Black Confederate Soldiers, for eight years and has yet to find one...

...The fact that there are so many accounts of black men serving as sharpshooters for the Confederacy is astounding. I will end with a quote from a top-notch historian Phillip Thomas Tucker, who has a Ph.D., in American History, and served for over twenty years as a Professional historian for the Department of Defense, who states, '…too many of today’s historians have been wrong about our past by looking at history through a modern lens and making moral ...

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12 hours ago

Burger with egg, onion, pickles, tomato, lettuce, and special sauce on a cauliflower flat.

As some of you have noted we do eat a lot of red meat around here. Did swordfish last night. (Next pic!)

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January 17, 2021

Here’s what makes me happy on a Sunday.

What about you?

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