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So Ben Shapiro is saying, a lot of the pro-Trump-vote in 2016 was basically an anti-Hillary-vote. Now there's nice Uncle Joe and this will hurt Trump.

Well, that doesn't really convince me.
- Uncle Joe is corrupt and senile and part of the swamp. So I do see at least some independent voters not wanting him to get elected. Also, there are poll numbers out saying a lot of voters would like to see Biden replaced by somebody else. All of which goes against the notion of "everybody could live nicely with Biden".
- It's not just about the person, it's about the party and its standing, too. And whereas I cannot remember the 2016 Democrats looking like a bunch of crazy lunatics, this applies absolutely to this election. I dare say what amount of controversy or polarization was attached to Hillary then is attached to the whole movement now.
- Last time around it was not that clear that the MSM are just the propaganda instrument of the party (and vice versa, in a way). By now everybody with their eyes open can see it, which should severely diminish the impact of their arguments.
- Trump as a candidate appeared to be a crazy outlier and who knew what he would do as president. Now everybody knows he can handle the job very well AND also he has over-fulfilled all of his promises.
- Also, Trump as president has a whole different set of options to advance his agenda for a 2nd term: The WH and Air Force One and all that is attached to the presidency are powerful means of conveying images and gaining sympathy.
- The Chinavirus has brought the economy down and caused so many deaths and harm to the people. BUT people don't only or even mainly judge a situation in terms of a temporary status quo, rather they have a feeling about where the thing is going. And the situation is getting better all the time. The surge of cases in the sunbelt was unavoidable, but it won't last until the election. It will be over in a matter of weeks, plus there may be working vaccines quite soon. This would make the thing a success story for the president.
- Another advantage of the presidency: not only provides it for a stage on which to present the person. It also allows concrete agenda-setting, e.g. when it comes to confronting China and the corrupt, criminal leaders there whom Uncle Joe has been supportive of all the time. Trump will not have a kinetic war erupt, but the actual cold or halfway lukewarm war makes him a kind of wartime president. That should help rally people behind him. Decent citizens don't leave their country's leaders alone in a time of crisis, even if they don't dearly love the person.
- In addition to all of this, the Dems in their feverish attempts to undermine Trump have proven themselves to be utter fools and dangerous holders of public office, be it governors or mayors. This goes beyond the "strategy" of the Democrat movement as a backdrop for the presidential election; it affects the basic trustworthiness of local leaders all over the country, which should have an effect at least on the votes for House members, but for the whole sentiment and the presidency as well.

On a side note, I believe in all his obvious smartness Ben cannot quite get over his personal dislike of the president's guts, and this might make him somewhat blindfolded with regards to assessing election odds.
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