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I’m sick of COVID-19
I’m sick of black vs white
I’m sick of labour vs conservative
I’m sick of democrat vs republican
I’m sick of gay vs straight
I’m sick of antifa
I’m sick of trans vs transphobe
I am sick of the language used on the media to sensationalise and brainwash
I’m sick of the “offended”
I’m sick of those using faux outrage to riot, loot and murder
I’m sick of the world being blamed for the sins of a very few
I’m sick of no-one being able to think, say and feel what they want to
I’m sick of those who assert that 150-year-old history is OUR fault. It’s history. Move on.
You eat meat; I don’t eat meat; Your choice; My choice. END OF.
You vote democrat; YOUR choice…….I vote republican. My choice.
You believe in God; I don’t……Fine. No problem.

So how about being mature enough to accept and deal with the truth that not everyone has the exact same mind-set, opinions and experience? Having our own ...

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Just sat down with Kim Klacik about her appearance on The View this morning which is tearing up the Internet right now...

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I’m guessing that none of you (wisely) watched the Emmys. We didn’t either but this clip is probably more than enough to catch you up. Beyond imagination...

Apologies for sending you to twitter for this one...

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